to Manchester All Stars Cheerleaders.
A Club for All.

A Club for All

Our motto is A Club for All which means all abilities are welcome.

We have four teams and train every
Thursday at Manchester Health Academy


Cheerleading is a sport known as The Sport of Smiles and includes a combination of dance, jumps, tumbles, stunts and TEAM WORK.

Improve Health

Cheerleading is a popular sport and a great way to get fit and make friends. Learning jumps, stunts, dance routines and tumbles on a competitive level or for fun and recreation. An activity for all abilities.

Develop Skills

Cheerleading requires the team to trust one another helping to develop self-esteem and healthy social development.

Exciting Events

We provide all our teams with many exciting opportunities to showcase their skills at events and competitions. Uniforms and pom poms in team colours. Cheerleading really is the Sport of Smiles.

Manchester All Stars Cheerleading Club likes doing great work for our community and are proud of being A Club for All abilities.

""We have a fantastic coaching team and invest in our young leaders to ensure the continuing success of the club. We pride ourselves on giving local children of all abilities the opportunity to learn cheerleading in a fun, friendly and safe environment”"

− Lorrayne Siddall, Head Coach

"“Due to the success of the club we are constantly being asked to perform at various events and have seen the confidence in the team grow through these opportunities. I love being a part of the Manchester All Stars”."

− Elisabeth Simmons - Coach

"I love being a part of Manchester All Stars cheerleading club because it’s such a friendly environment. We have fantastic children and a very supportive community; it really is a Club for all!”

− Hannah Vecchione - Treasurer